Unsatisfied with Endings
Hey it's me, Nicolas
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basically what i’ve been up to after finishing BOO and i am not satisfied with the ending tbh, now i’m not even sure if i still ship percico after solangelo just came up out of nowhere

(based on an aonoiz dmmd dj i saw) it took like a month (idk) and all that came out of it was a page, hope you like tho

(open image in new tab to increase size so you can read it)


sorry i’ve been inactive lately! 

Trash King 

new brush sketches ft. Kageyama Tobio

exams make me lazy but thank jesus it’s over. Here’s Dave with a new haircut tho cos I haven’t posted art in a while

Clueless AU:Annabeth and Piper as Cher and Dionne

Late night doodles

family au: percico is adorable 

okay fine. I do like nico with his baby temperment

Holy heck this took long! thanks to the storm I had no electricity for the past 4 days and so I’m late, but whatever.

This a belated happy birthday to Annabeth Chase!!

they should be brothers


Piper, Daughter of the Goddess of Love: Aphrodite. 

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