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sorry i’ve been inactive lately! 

Trash King 

new brush sketches ft. Kageyama Tobio

exams make me lazy but thank jesus it’s over. Here’s Dave with a new haircut tho cos I haven’t posted art in a while

Clueless AU:Annabeth and Piper as Cher and Dionne

Late night doodles

family au: percico is adorable 

okay fine. I do like nico with his baby temperment

Holy heck this took long! thanks to the storm I had no electricity for the past 4 days and so I’m late, but whatever.

This a belated happy birthday to Annabeth Chase!!

they should be brothers


Piper, Daughter of the Goddess of Love: Aphrodite. 

[other works here]

the opening has some really great frames tbh

[other works here]

So I looked through my old pencil works and decided to redraw "Jake/Jacob"

[other works here]

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